12 Stack Power

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, February 27, 2020 5:14 PM

Cordial Advance; The cordial advance is the study of molecular structure that moves through wire or rod, When the methane hydrate molecule has passed the induction coupler to the wet side and interacts with the battery lead the electrons are harvested from the battery. You must bring your own electrons into space for there is no way to harvest them out side the ship. The battery allows for the electrons to jump on and provide a cordial advance in the system. When the electrons are harvested from the battery they have conditioned the spin aperture involvement with the linear accelerators. The battery is fairly large and sits in a slotted area in the rear of the ship. The induction lead from the coupler is joined with the battery lead and sent to the linear accelerator. This deposit is fulcrum dynamics. The 12 stack magnetron is clevis to the electron base. As discussed with the class 5 it is a 7 stack magnetron delta. On the class 7 its a 12 stack magnetron delta at 12 over. The copper infracted wire runs through each 4x4 sumarin cobalt magnet stacked 12 high through out the track assembly, It weaves linear through each magnet and up to the next stack in line, the cordial advance is set when the molecular structure hits the casing and the thermo reactor. This creates the deluge of molecular structure that allows the mass oscillation to concave the structure out of the ship in a column of energy that creates the inversion field. The process is continued on the outside of the ship to create levity. Now the cordial advance is set to distribute the angular momentum. The electrons want to go to ground and hit the induction plates and the advance is driven. For every methane hydrate molecule placed in sequence 4100 electrons jump on. The paradox is the XCL power producer here on Earth in the original design only 1400 electrons are driven for power. Segway delta disbursement of electrons. 7188281.2 over 8100. The calliope in detail is set forth for the Class 7 induction sequence. Alpha segway anatomies alpha and perceived to work in solitude.

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