1st Resonance

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 8:05 PM

Physiologica deprived; The current of the energy in fulcrum for the craft induction is the same as the energy in recourse to the energy from the human body. The current is much higher but never the less the same. When the Lear interfaces with energy he is by far more protected from harmful particles than when not in the craft. The caliper is function in the Molecular Carnoc. When in function the energy will conclude the variance with the human body. It will always decide the variance in the caliper. It will never decide to engulf. You are physiologically deprived, from the energy. This Molecular Car noc has a function and on the same wave length as the human brain. A/C current on the other hand will engulf you and a electrical discharge is possible. Induction is a caliper not the means to climb. A/C wants to climb in higher disdain. Induction has balance it wants to control the delta. Induction gives you the power rather exert the power to you. Alternating current can grab you and hold you in place. Induction is deflected and you are the means to that deflection. Huge difference in controlling energy with our body and harnessing A/C power. Induction is free. It can be harnessed, it will go to where we want under vacuum. On the Earth it will discharge to the grid every 4 minutes, on the craft it can sustain to the induction plates once the pathways are established. The interface is the means to a healthier existence, Induction can deflect Nuclear Particles in seconds from the human body when in recourse with induction. That recourse is an index to the energy. It is a distance to the energy in clevis to the human body. Clevis distances start at 199 ft. and close to 12.8 ft. on Earth. On the craft the distance can be as close as 1.218 inches from the energy. You can not grab a hot wire and not get shocked, but with induction its a paramount disdain and a lot lighter in strength if you grab and try to hold on not only will you accelerate the craft ,but you can catapult the craft. It is called interface with induction. We know it stings a little in Earths atmosphere for a few seconds, but in space there is no sting. Artificial Bio inductors are the innovation to the collide depre in Earths atmosphere. It must be bio inductive to work or accelerate the craft. It must be delivered in the form of a living thing you typically, or a artificial columbine. 78122381.2it must contain hydrogen ,oxygen and have a density more than 3.88141.

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