EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, March 12, 2020 10:34 PM

Foregoing deltas 1281; The deltas are conclusive in our Universe, therefore the Universe is also spinning. The rate at which we spin depends on how much matter is in our Universe. The higher the matter content the faster the spin aperture involvement, The clandestine matter that is created every second has a volume in our Universe. The Algorithm shows that the course of action is to spin, and does, it also identified the marques in the alpha signals. The Marques are identified as carbon atoms. They also combust. They attract photon display. They were here long before man, and will be here long after. These carbon atoms are the very space we travel in. The carbon atoms travel for millions of miles. When they reach their peak they become destructed. This flashes are what we see in the night sky. They are carbon atoms that have reached their peak. This has an algorithm it starts with 1281, This is the base line of space calculus. No matter how you divide the square root its always the same constant in the calculus. 1281. For space travel this number is very important in the communication aspect, it is the delivery. The Com. Patch in the analysis is robust in the variance of the algorithm, 12817181.2 matter in destruct. Photons are light how does it become matter? Its traveling in the delta, and variance of space, this creates the alpha signal known as 1281.2 beeps 4 signals 18 in the delivery compounded are repeaters in the alpha signal. How do the photons deliver matter, The collegiate analysis is that they delta 1281 and converse the solar systems in strength and commonly destruct in the advance of the photon emitted in the converse. The matter is congealed and the aspect of space is created. When matter congeals it becomes alpha signals. The micron indifference is attracted to the newly formed space delta. The chemicals of space are the arbitrary designators. They are accustom to the photon as a light but has a problem with the matter that is left behind. The further they disintegrate they arbitrarily take on the carbon atom. They no longer shine but are a serious matter in the confluence. All the foregoing deltas in our Universe start with 1281 and multiply to origins of matter. Steel, 128144781.2

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