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EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, August 8, 2019 4:52 PM

Molecular count; The clevis for nitrogen is 81 gallons of liquid Nitrogen that equates to 41 billion particles. The nitro chamber will lasts for thousands of missions in our solar system. The Quad delta has a count starting at 41 billion. This can be seen at flax guard area of the craft, The Lear can turn around and see the digitized conglomerate. This number starts out large and slowly decreases. The box guard can be calculated and the Lear can confirm the math. The particles subtraction is an accurate way of understanding what feels good to the Lear and the crew. Depending on the outlay the nitrogen helps in bone density, it also can be the disdain to unwanted particle infractions that can be ascertained in the mission. Prosperous is recommended at 1 tab every 1 million 280 k over nautical miles but sometimes resist the nitrogen in-vitro. When this happens the converse changes in the craft. The molecular structure can stop and turn the other way. This can create a headache. The Lear must then lower the expense for nitrogen and in turn increase Stafford delta for the craft, a more resistive force on the front end. These two components are always linked. Strong lift is important , but in-vitro calculus is more important. Take care, the craft will lift ,but exceeding 41 degrees are the calculus. Nitrogen alpha segate depre, this confine delta is directly linked to the Box GUARD. It counts the nitrogen particle in the chamber. The PRC. has direct link to the interior of the chamber. When the armament is in force it counts the particles being used in the craft. This in-vitro count is important, because it is the subtraction to the Box Guard count. the photon exchange registers to the box guard alpha signal disdained from the chamber. The particle infraction is clearly seen by the small computer and counts the lights. Each light registers as one molecule of nitrogen. 4100 strand detail in conference in alpha density 281, 481, and 5 over. Densities lower than 281 will not register. We are not expected to travel in densities more than 4.8. 4100 strand is recommended to calculate the photon exchange properly. The strand length cannot exceed 14.18 ft. If the distance exceeds you must recalculate up to 8100 strand and follow a lower pathway consistent to Hybrid Centennial. The Box Guard can keep up with the disdain in-vitro. For every nitrogen particle being used there is a photon exchange in delta.224488281.2.

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