A/I Breakdowns

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, February 2, 2020 11:39 AM

Convulsion at bay; The Lennox of the Triophy of the mainframe is culvert during the analysis. The Class 7 Star Ship can handle most instruction from the crew, but there are times when the computer is thinking and no response is the norm. The crew are aware that they must interact with the A/I they are the intellect in response, The computer analyzes the micro chip Excalibur on the ceiling and signals a response. The Frasier analysis is to assume that the A/I has complete understanding of the mainframe alta response from the crew. Their departments are compartmentalized. The micro chip array is to establish the content on the outside of the ship. They convex to a mainframe in the computers data bank and establishes a signal in response to an evaluation by the main frame of the computer. Each micro chip represents a particle breakdown caliber. These signals are affluent in space delta, they can recognize a known chemical through the hull of the ship in volume control to the inversion field. Each microchip is constant to that element or chemical. If you loose the chip you may loose the information that the chip is holding in sequence. The ship analyzes the space around the ship at all times in micro receiving data called Convulsion. It realizes that all be known and the signal be right. The converse be accurate and the distance be calculated. Time aperture involvements are handled by the crew and the doctor. Convulsion is always at bay, it expects the interaction of the crew and proceeds to convulse the information at the micro array and the signals return to the A/I on the assumption all are on the same page in understanding. If there is grievance with the microchip array with the mainframe of the A/I there should be only one sound. If there are multiple sounds from the micro chip array the convoluted space alta is present and the A/I is set to test all known signals in detail to the response in collective disdain. The strongest signal is the microchip that the A/I picks and delivers its analysis. Comprehensive analysis was asserted in the drive form of the matrix and the answers come quickly. It identifies the microchip and its assigned cavity in detail. When this happens the elements are done quickly then compounds are dealt with, then comes the calculation of the delta and the analysis is known to be of a specific substance. The sound variance is alpha states. You will here your compounds and they will abrupt you. Space expects something from the ship, it also can expect something from you. sounds are reactionary in space delta. You are in charge of space intellect and you must be prepared to handle space delta in sound variance with any chemical or compound. Signals in space delta come quickly, they are in sequence to the microchip array in 41 seconds. They sound off until its the detection location analyzer that compels the ship computers to agree. The cordial advance is the agreement with the A/I and the mainframe delta by the crew. There are 2 separate systems in communication with each other. LIVE AND CONVULSIVE AT BAY.

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