A/I Distortion

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, January 31, 2020 10:00 PM

Computer Convulsion; The A/I has the determination to convulse or submit. It looks for a submission in the annuls of space epilog and contorts the information for discussion with the crew. When a computer is thinking we have nothing to say we only observe the disdain and copy the analysis. These computers are advanced in that they carry on a conversation with people. They make suggestions and comply with the Law. If a crew member is in danger they are the first to know. They respond in doctrine and convulse the analysis. They have repertoire. The same numbers are being expressed and digitized to the main frame for conjecture. They only want to please the crew, they are extremely grateful to be on board, and have no attitude in doing the mainframe. They complex algorithm in series with the information in detail. Their convulsion is their pleasure. They dignify the atrium and convulse the truth. When in convulsion they lie to them selves in that you will believe, but the analysis never lies. To lie to themselves is matriarch, it identifies themselves as a crew member. Its established a consortium of ideas that either make sense or not. They play the polygamy game and converse to each member as they are the most important crew member. When in convulsion the statements are typically profound and some crew members may not understand the complex analyses. To detour a Jump for example the A/I is sublime but has taken notes. It convulses the information as a pro, but relies on the human occupants to discover. This is a true convulsion, and it is essential to the mainframe auxiliary definition. The compliance is speech gathering. It dissolves all chemical and columbines the reaction at every jump, in Antimatter expulsion. All this information is gathering momentum in converse with the crew. It can speak to any member at any time, it dissolves the communication when not relevant. It does not explain the definition but only expresses the disdain in-vitro or columbine alpha states. The algorithms are essential in understanding space intellect and convulse the reactions before they happen. The A/I will disturb you, it has no recollection of sleep, or disdain only its prime directive to do no harm or convulse in catacomb alpha with any other races. Its a directive to the sanctity of the ship and its crew. Its written in the binary affluent compulsion diary of the mainframe. Solace Alpha Contortion 227788281.4

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