A/I in Advance

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 2:06 PM

Artificial Intelligence; The product begins with an understanding of the matrix involved. A/I is a de facto alpha supply of information that coordinates the information to its limits. The over all consumption of information is delta, therefore relies on the cognitive matrix of the human mind. When an A/I makes a suggestion to an issue it must first work out the detail involved. The clamoring is subject to power relays, convoluted scenarios, and convulsed atrium. It wants to help but it relies on the fact that the human makes the ultimate decision. It can calculate the disturbance and run algorithms for the best scenarios but have a hard time in the variance to subject disdain. It wants to be the superior mind in the delta ,but does not want conflict with human nature. Artificial Intelligence is a vacuum of coordinated aspects of billions of bits of information. It does not know how to defend itself from conflict. All A/I aboard our Star Craft are equipped to escalate a command to the detriment to the crew but do not because self preservation of themselves is of higher priority. This detail comes from the mind of the programmer, we do nor allow any converse or reaction to take place without command central in volved. The A/I is informed in the matrix alpha signals in the mainframe and convolutes the delta to ignore the aspects to defend. They are on board to make you feel that the command is yours but please listen to me too. The scenario is that the star craft has seen a disturbing light frequency in the distance and wants to investigate, The A/I immediately takes notice its deltoid is a matrix of compounded photons and the crafts deltoids the interference, It recommends that the deltoid in the indifference is of common light apparitions but has a delta in nuclear particles. The command is interested in what kind of Nuclear particles is it. The A/I then examines the alpha signal in the abrupt scenario and convolutes the dysteria to engage the light to circumference and examine its detail. Photons are counted and the matrix examines the photon count to identify the Nuclear expression false or true. If True the advance to the Lear is to convene but with instructions, Alpha signal are abrupt to inductive crafts in deltoid at 41 ft. the human deltoid can resist, but convoluted in the particle infraction. The inductive craft can deflect the particles of the photon exchange ,but only up to 41 ft. The A/I has examined the particles and are of consequence to delta Carnoc alpha signals in determent to the crew. The Lear takes the information and avoids the interception up to 41 ft. Particle infraction is subdued alpha signals in relief of space chemicals. Space chemicals can release a paradox alpha signal and ignite in a flash convoluted delta. A/I response for the Lear is 78122481.9

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