A/I Remastered

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 10:46 PM

A/I Re-mastered; The confines in delta math the coordinates and the physics determine the collaboration. Its the main reason why the physics can be spectral. The A/I has a masters in physics but also has degree of understanding of Spatial Time. It coordinates the time aperture involvement in the spread sheet of the analysis. It also recommends the crew of their age indifference to the people of Earth. They all are aging at the same pace once deflected from the Earth, The drop count is 14.7 seconds for every minute on Earth in the aging process. You consequently age indifferently than the people of Earth. Space Time is just that, time spent in space. The cordial advance is segated to the variance of time but allows for the aging process to continue. Spatial Time has recourse with the crew, Their families are out growing their age. To find your son the same age as you when you return can be heart breaking. The consequence is delta gone, its never to return and you can not turn back the spatial time columbine. You can move forward in Time but never back. The A/I is concerned about the fact that spatial time can abrupt the crew mentality in mission deliverance. How is spatial time delivered? It is delivered every second in time. The A/I re-masters the time connection for the crew. It takes each crew member and advances its age to delta defection and columbines the delta to the algorithm at 14.7 seconds and determines the age based on the chronograph delivered before the mission. You will age slower than the people of earth due to the rhythm of your heart in space. They are intertwined in galaxy deflection from segate alpha at 1 billion 481 million nautical miles from Earth. The gestation calibration is kept in count with the A/I and the crew. The delta forward is time travel. Its the variance in the columbine that must be watched. Stay out too long and you could see all your family has died of old age. Spatial Time will re-master your convection in space annuls. 71002248148122781.4 Each crew member is issued a special time piece and it is worn like a watch and has 3 times of calculation. The Earth Time, your Biological Clock, and Spatial Time Variance. Its re-mastered by the A/I in cooperation to space variance. The Spatial Time variance can be 2 seconds for every trillion miles. Your age now speeds up. The collaboration is variance in Time dilation sequence alpha states 248122381.4

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