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EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 11:01 PM

Holebast Defer; The defer calculus has merit in the alpha central library converse. The twelve different defers are congluant in the alpha central examination. Holebast Defer has nothing to do with anything but control, The control aspect is important because it allows the mainframe to choose the detail in collective disdain. The three details that are built into the hull have certain functions and the Holebast is the control sight in the examinations. For example when traveling in Earths atmosphere the detail is conglomerate in the detail that is for Earth only, it must be the detail the A/I is looking at. The atmosphere has many chemicals to examine, therefore it only makes sense that the Holebast control has the variance in that detail. The Holebast control is simply the eye in the centrifuge delta conglomerate for the details. The computer sends a signal to actuate the eye in the conglomerate alpha central, it therefore allows the molecular structure to be examined in that detail for the Lear to determine. The Holebast defer is the control alpha to detail, It can be activated to centrifuge the structure by the Lear. The MLD on board can determine the structure and cavitate the detail for expressions. In Earths atmosphere the computer has a list of known elements and chemicals, they each have a signature, and can be examined by the A/I on board it can determine the false discrepancy defer the analysis or conclude its nitrogen or water in suffrage. It eliminates the false projection first. Nitrogen for example is space itself, but we do not see the nitrogen around us in space. The defer calculus in the mainframe alpha can determine the particles. Nitrogen is deceptive, its all around us and it makes up 73 percent of our atmosphere, we want to know how much is nitrogen in space around us in space. Its the details that tell us the truth in the analysis rather just assume that hydrogen is the most abundant in the Universe. Hydrogen has characteristics that change in space and the defers can tell what it actually is. Traveling in Earths atmosphere will gain vast knowledge in the alpha central analysis and confine the delta in space while traveling. Chemicals are the affluent in space alphas and can be dangerous to people traveling without the understanding as to what it can do to the craft or the absorption possibilities of the human body in space. The Holebast defer is an attribute to determine the right EYE in the calculus. Transfer segate alphas 22381.4.

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