A/I Trusts

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, February 3, 2020 9:59 PM

A/I is always right; Converse analogy is something the delta wants to explore. The A/I is just as interested in the findings in all that the crew does, but also concerned about the state of mind of the crew and what's in detail. The A/I is a friend and will consult on occasion. It will ask you how you feel, what is a better course of action, and what is the micro segate we are in right now. Its interested in the chemical breakdown in micro receiving. The micro chips are in converse and the sounds are broken down to known chemicals and atmospheres. Elements are confusing to the A/I but understands matter. The elements are convulsed. The A/I is highly dependent on the crew to establish a course on annuls and coincide the micro analysis to concourse the chemical or element in detail. The A/I knows its moving in space and calculates the speed and distance from Earth at all times. We are not in the exact center of the Universe, but we are close. Calvex detention are a vast parameters of the A/I capability. It can establish a coordinate and copy the detail to a screen and follow the coordinate until it reaches its destination. The micro chip advance allows the crew to interact with the A/I and columbine the vescue of the ship to move in alternative detail. The A/I records the known sound of a particular chemical or element and convulses the detail to signal the micro chip inversion to precision. The A/I already knows that there are is confine in detail to oxygen 22 and convulsed to the microchip of oxygen many times already to confirm its delta to the A/I. Hydrogen always has a pause due to the hydrogen foil at the ceiling ,but collaborates the delta none the less. Hydrogen particles have a tend to whisp and collaborate their injunction. Hydrogen particles are everywhere and its the sound in volume that is conclusive to the A/I and what is a collaboration from the ship or space. When in space you can expect certain sounds. If you are on a planet or moon the sounds there are different than in space. Traces of chemical are the breech in the understanding. If you here a squelch you may be near Methane Hydrate. All this information comes from the A/I and the crew in collaboration. The result is a computer that can think and decide what is best for the crew. 78122481.2 over clandestine matriarch alabaster confines.

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