Abernath Examinations

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, August 19, 2019 1:13 PM

Centrifuge Delta 3; The Class 5 Star Craft has 3 centrifuge delta examination process for landing and calliope nature of the planet or moon. The Lear is interested in the calliope in the abernath delta of the planet or moon. The third centrifuge delta detail is for Earths Atmosphere. The quantum detail is for at home missions and to determine the calliope of Earths atmosphere and how its congealed at different elevations. Its important to note that the 3rd. detail is in concert with the delta of the Earth. The quantum detail is set to examine molecular particles while in flight. Quantum computers are virulent in the examination, They require the Lear to be moving to the same speed as the calliope in question. The detach will not be able to examine the molecular structure unless in delta to the signal variation of the structure or chemical. Every molecular structure has a signal, Hydrogen for example will be at 2 variance or 33,000 fpm and coming close in the grey spectrum. The quantum relays the color variation to the Lear and the speed is noted and color for detail examination at several vectors confirmations. The speed is vital for an accurate detail examination. If the photons are coming back as white the Lear must pick up speed until their is variance. That is the true and accurate dissemination of the particle. The quantum also can detect sound in the variance and after a while the Lear can disseminate the particle infraction by sound. Hydrogen has a quirky whistle sound, and wavy in the detail sound expression. Earth Hydrogen is grey and with a particle infraction with nuclear disdain it will be grey and white. Its important that we know how and what we are examining in Earths atmosphere and compare to other worlds are the affluent to the detail. Methane hydrate in Earths atmosphere will come off blue in the particle infraction but you will see a contrast to other worlds color variation. On Titan you will see a brown detail. With a highly radiated infraction you will see brown and white. The colors do not vary that much but after a while you begin to see a pattern in most examinations done by the quantum detail analysis. They can be vectored and retested in delta determinations for that world including Earth. Prosperous has a yellow haze in Earths atmosphere and contrast to hydrogen these two particles stay away from each other. The detection at that point for the detail is prosperous alpha signal calliope advance secursion at vectoring alpha yellow determination. The sound variance is a high pitch squeal. We must know all the variations in sound and spectrum analysis to travel to other worlds, and identify the calliope in quantum detail first. 440022381.2

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