Absolute Top-out Speeds

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 16, 2019 3:34 PM

Time Dilation; The aspect of time is where you are is the determining factor. The speed in which we travel is the determination of Time. With Anti-Matter as a propellant we can time dilation up to 21 years. Its not known if we can move the needle further than 21 years into the future Time Dilation it can be possible if we can move faster than 281.2 alpha mach speed, the speed limit of sound in space. The problem with moving faster than the top-out 281.2 is that material wants to distort, and metal starts to stretch in delta. All the known alloys are not going to exceed the top-out. The measurement comes in the way of asteroids, comets and shooting stars, they all have one thing in common, they never exceed 281.2 000 fpm. We will not be able to, either. The only thing that can travel faster is light. The mongrel in the latitude does not allow this kind of convection delta. The algorithm shows there's nothing that can withstand the speed limit of space. Except for light. Finding the mongrel of space has taken decades to find ,but the technology will allow up to this speed. 281.2 delta alpha control is absolute control of space. The speed is the variance and the control alpha is the mongrel at sound variance alpha control 28122381.4. The Craft is thick enough to handle the vortex delta of space at these speeds. To Engineer any thing better is quite an accomplishment. Today is what we have and that has its own consequences. Time dilates more when we travel faster and further away from Earth. In other words time stretches out over the course of the mission. If you stay out in space to long all your family would have passed away and the future is what you see. These jumps in time Dilation are possible ,but only for 21 years. at any given point in Time. Time Dilation for top-out speeds at 281.2 are the consequence of using Anti-Matter as the catapult like a shooting star. Aim and point and the all galaxies will be possible. The cervix analysis is interesting for Anti-Matter it can be as little as a gram to expel your craft to a distant galaxy. The cervix allows for 8100 molecules of Anti-Matter at any given moment. There is no point in giving more you will not travel any faster due to the mongrel of space. Anti-Matter mixed with Nuclear is a disaster, Its the columbine of a sun, temperatures will exceed the Anti Matter circumference and polarize the delta to a fireball. Anti-Matter can never be used in a linear accelerator, It can not be contained except in an energy vortex. The material is released into space around the craft ,but never through it. The structure is to large to permeate the induction plates, the result is expansion against them. The craft is expelled into space from sheer expansion not propulsion. The Anti-Matter expands very quickly, its an expander in space delta only. The control of the Anti-Matter is heat. In a solid state it behaves like hydrogen in an alpha state. 4488281.2 Delta expanse over space conglomerate alpha segate determination.

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