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EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 6:45 PM

Cancer understands; The disease understands the Universe. Cancer will inflate the alta in submission, The brain goes despondent and the affected body organ is delta deficient. If we can understand how the Universe works we can fix Cancer. The correlations are uncanny. The algorithms are typical. The out comes are the same. We will explain the correlations in space and what's happening with our brain. The brain has the feature exposed to examine the molecular breakdown. The Universe has the molecular breakdown. The body rejects the disease, the Universe accepts the disdain. The incumbency is well fought, the Universe delivers the necessary particles to correct the disdain. The particles come in the form of Energy. The Universe uses particle infraction to create the disdain for a positive reaction. Negative ionic is the delay or the relief node. This is one way to combat Cancer. Use energy like the Universe in Induction to complete the sequence in delta delivery. Cancer is a lack of energy to that organ. The brain will try to disdain at first, but will accept an energy in false expression similar to the Earth accepting the Suns particle Infractions. The voice of reason does not falter when it comes to energy. Exposing the disdain to Energy is the counter in expression. The alta in the body is always on guard to defend its disdain in molecular deluge. Cancer is the one of the most difficult disease to reverse. The Universe uses the Earth Alta determination to converse the particles in molecular despondency. The Earth has two sets of rules one the Earth must keep spinning, two the particles keep flowing. This is known as the Clevis in Disdain Alta that the Universe wills to our planet. The coordination is through the Sun , but the information is detected and observed. The particles are infracted and the energy is released by the Sun. The Sun is the brain of the Solar System. It coordinates all the function of the Solar System. Its all done with Energy. The climax is not Nuclear for the brain of mankind the climax of indentured Energy is inductive power, or Negative Ionic displacement secursion. The best results are in the interface of energy for Cancer and the protection of space travelers. Cancer has no chance of developing with enough Inductive Power in the secursion delta for people. It can not live, the brain rejects any and all possibilities of Cancer forming. The Energy deflects Nuclear particles with out fail. Why is the magnetosphere so important? It protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the Sun. Inductive Power is the preset for mankind's protection from the Universe. 88128149178381.9. Alpha sequential detail anomaly secursion. Disease is the byproduct of the Universe disdain. Includes Heredity Delta 48172381 4 over. Alpha Heredity 48138122787381.1 This algorithm represents diseases we can receive in Space without Inductive Power at the ready.

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