Advance Resilience

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, March 23, 2020 12:37 PM

Mainframe; The corpuscle in dispatch is the cavitate in the power displacement, The mainframe must maintain the power, The mainframe has the ability to charge the system or decrease the charge, It will make decisions based on density infractions of space delta. The space density has characteristics that can be measured. The alpha signals are loud, they transpond their delta in frequency of the deluge. The Mainframe registers the sound variance and determined to convulse the ship to delta the converse is transforming the alpha signal to a number we can deposit into the mainframe. Alpha 2 at 7 over, converse the delta first mainframe active and convulsing the latitude demetri, What does this mean? The power of the ship is in compensation to the conglomerate at all times it generates a portion of the power at vectors that are the travel points to the Universe. The mainframe controls the power and its level of disdain. The conglomerate is submissive to the energy created by this body of energy, Mans creation, the mainframe distributes the galvanized matrix of the signal, then approximates the converse to delta that frequency. The resilience is powered by transmission through the copper cobalt induction plates running linear. When the power is reduced in size 8100 infractions the resilience is accomplished and the power can be manifold delta. The fuel molecule is compounded, its the 8100 that allows for the mainframe to control the delta of the Class7 only. The Class5 is reactionary the Class7 has determination just like planets the conglomerate respects that and allows density to have frequency and strength. Space will move you with little fuel, the mainframe suggests the delta T a level and the Lear agrees or increase delta. Space is suggestive, Earth is delta down at all times. The mainframe is dis-involved in Earths atmosphere, The class 7 has demetri adherence in Earths atmosphere. The Earth is in control of the lift sequence and the decent alpha displacements. Mainframe alpha signaler conquest energy at alpha states and converse the detail and determination of the Mission. 481.

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