Advanced A/I

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, October 14, 2019 4:59 PM

Clarifier Defer; The A/I on board of the Class 5 Star Craft is subject to disinformation, we plant a device that can enable the A/I to decide rather interpret the information. The Clarifier Defer has the ability to decipher the chronograph geo neutral expander in the wave length of the alpha device. It expands certain wave lengths and compares them to known variances. The Clarifier is expandable in that it has a neutral alpha state in converse with the main frame of the computer. Why intercede when the computer is being deceived? Space particles change their state in which they exist. We know this to be a fact and can be deceiving even for the A/I. The clarifier defer only has to see the change in the alpha signal to be accurate in the deciphering process. This component is made from high tech alloys in the field of deception characteristics computing. The signal is recognized in the ionizing aspect that is being observed. Ions are transparent, but leave a signature, in the analysis fulcrum. This wave has transparency, but can be seen from the optical disdain attribute attached in the centrifuge delta detail. When particles change form they leave a signature that can be identified. When water becomes a molecule it no longer has the oxygen in the identity. In space it changes to hydrogen alpha signal only you will not be able to identify the oxygen in the water. The Clarifier Defer analyzer will encompass the particle and decipher the antidote in vixen. The signature has delta and can be found in the annuls of space science. Hydrogen atom has a collapse variance to a heat signature. The nitrogen has variance to oxygen particle and the oxygen has variance to water. The clarifier detects these small changes and concludes the variance to known variance. Advance conclusions are a predicate to space particle identity. 448822381.2

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