Advanced Propulsion

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 1:34 PM

Detach Signals; When the star craft is in resilience it powers through any field space can create, Its the strongest energy for space travel. The detach signal are quadrant alpha signals, they represent the fall out of resonance power, The resonance surrounds the craft, the signals are for the conglomerate to examine, These signals are alpha, very similar to the magnetosphere in our planet. The conglomerate examines the resonance and the resilience is the catapult. The detach signals are the main conglomerate alpha signals. Their numbers are Copenhagen alphas, 781, they coincide with a delta the conglomerate recognizes. They columbine the delta, then the conglomerate is in fish brawn delta, with the ship, The density fishes around the craft, its looking for parts of the molecular structure it wants, but can only use it if it moves the craft. The resonance is fielding all the time in space and therefore allows the conglomerate to delta the craft in detach signals. The Lear steers the craft to known vectors and the conglomerate accedes the craft to the top-out speed in the variation to the detach signal, the higher the signal the faster the top-out. The wings of a glider is communicating with the wind, only power is reserve to the delta in force. With high resilience the space delta is in communication with the ship. The Universe is alive, and can manifest detach signals to the ship coordinated with the Lear, and missions become observed in the conglomeration of space delta. You may think this is impossible but the truth is its the conglomerate that has the intellect. The creation of life is the driving force the craft is part of a larger plan for the Universe. We do not know what that plan is but we know how to manipulate the space conglomerate to venture our way. The mission becomes delta in flagrant disdain. The Universe only wants to create life that is the mission for the Universe, We provide a resilience to capitalize on the conglomerate, and it excepts the mission. All through detach signaling. 78122481.4, this algorithm is the signal and its repeated through out the journey. Resonance in signal to the conglomerate, oxygen in displacement, followed by hydrogen applause at 4 over. The conglomerate is very interested in us. The confines determine the object in space and its either accepting or reject in space. Choose your propulsion wisely.

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