Advanced Propulsion and Earth Bound

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, May 30, 2020 10:03 PM

Interface Delta; The columbine that is reached in the interface is stagnate. The energy in resilience is noted as sublime, the caliper is you. The dusting off is calibrated in distance, this force has value in close proximity. The craft is very sensitive to your proximity to the column of energy being displaced to the exterior. This oscillation of resonance is calibrated for human beings. Some other inductive source will very the abrupt. A chicken for example may only move the craft forward 2 ft. If it engaged the alt delineation the craft might move 2,000 ft. Our induction is paramount on the Earth. The many species we have on the Earth we are one of the most inductive. Our field of advance movement will be how close can you interface without touching the source of energy directly. This is completely in the operators hand movement. Resilience at 8100 in space in detour does not sting like in Earths Atmosphere. 4100 Delta T is resonance. This type of energy is focused and its not allowed to be touched on Earth, its deflective if one makes contact with the resonance drive assembly. Its not like A/C its repulsive. It may break your arm. 13.18 ft is as close one can be to the resonance driver. This index is calibrated for Cancer and Leukemia. On Earth we accomplish this with a 4 inch pipe set into the ground 1,381 ft. and set in concrete. This driver assembly is then wired from the inductive linear accelerator on the conductive side to the top plate and bolted. The conduction is alpha signal 2278133481. The driver assembly is then enclosed all the way up over the 20 ft. mark. When resonating the energy can be felt all the way out for 200 ft. The closer you are the intensity is compounded corporal disdain. The confines deploy a building circular in nature and split up with rooms shaped like the piece of pie. They all face the driver assembly but with walls and barriers. The resonance flows freely through the walls, and wood structure until there is interface with the patient or victim of over exposure to Nuclear particles. The particles are driven from the body at the index of 200 ft. and are removed in 32 seconds. The interface delta works very quickly. Other diseases are calibrated to the index of the driver assembly and the condition of the patient disease. This will vary in stature to the intensity of the viral infection or servility of the disdain. Interface delta residual compound 8100, and 4100 inductive power. 78133481.2

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