Alien Crafts

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, October 31, 2019 9:06 PM

10 levy; The first count is up to 10 when focus on star crafts from other planets. Typically the more windows the further the advanced in secular design which concludes the variance in the intelligence. Nuclear is a disdain and they are less advanced. Crafts that are made of glass can be confusing they will resemble a copper look. Galaxy glass shields can reach 8 ft. thick. Its not the thickness of the glass craft ,but how many windows are incorporated in the craft design. The other major component when identifying crafts from other planets are the focus of the lights. If the light is intense this means that its not just light in a focused beam. This characteristics are identify detail to quadrant of space where the ambient light is less, and require a beam of light to see the calliope. The light focused can tell you that these people are of sophistication. They are very focused. They are more than likely curious more than anything. The beams of light in space annuls are first blue, 2- yellow- 3- purple. 4- orange, Green is Earth. The Class 5 star craft has a beam of light in green, its focused to other space crafts we see, the green light represents the Earth, and columbine in delta but understand the variance of other races. The bean of light should never be aimed at an another craft of unknown origin. but do process calls for the beam lit at 41 degrees and at the delineation of movement. Its a focused beam at 12 centrifugal in detail, Like a clock 12, 1 o'clock all the way around the clock, this represents the hours of days in detail to the life form, You are telling a story of your kind. Your craft is of alloy known to Earth and the fuel is methane Hydrate do to the color of the advance glass in spectrum. After identity is recognized the observer may leave you or come closer. The best advise is to delineate the and alt pinch in delta to vectors opposite of the incursion. DO NOT STOP YOUR DELTA , they will keep up with you and the advance lighting will help in your identity, The contact is never, only communicate with your craft or ship only. Lights beams and other identifiers will be easy for them, they will want more information, but once you have identified you and your craft you must move on, you are Mission Present and they will acknowledge this attempt to travel space like them. This only solidifies that you are not interested in close contact or meeting. They will not challenge the space annuls in present. Space Law 44281.2.

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