Alpha Protons, Deflectors

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, August 6, 2020 11:29 AM

Alpha Protons; The conclave of space is the area of space that collects alpha Protons. Alpha protons are collected by the Universe, it has a collegiate force behind it. These protons are not the normal protons we see with electrons and nucleus that generate fulcrum, no they are alpha protons they conclave space. They are designed to make space less dense, or wispy. Describing alpha protons are a collegiate know how in the inversion alpha congeal. If we were to go to Mars with alpha protons in our wake of energy and land there we could allow the alpha protons to congeal the atmosphere, The broad ban of the experiment allows for the alpha protons to create density formation for gravity induction. The only thing missing is oxygen. To condition a planet it must be conditioned by alpha protons, they are the creation process of atmospheres and density deflection. If enough can be gathered they will create a delta down scenario like Earth on the celestial body. There are parameters to abide by first, the planet must have a spin aperture involvement with the Sun or with the Universe like Earth. We take our clues from the Universe not the Sun. Our direct communication with the Universe is a powerful one and can be recreated with alpha Protons. Where do we find Alpha Protons? They are the signalers for the universe, so anywhere there is collegiate calvines that are traveled for higher top out speeds you will find Alpha Protons. When in converse in alpha states the field lines vary in size they can be over a hundred meters but as little as 12 ft. The slow downs in your top-out speeds is advance congealed. Those are areas where there are less Alpha Protons. The density deflection in the calvine can be explained in the process of the top-out speeds the accelerator is linear, and it will slow you down like the Earths atmosphere. The areas of low alpha protons are areas that the Universe can pull from for other creations across the Universe. These protons have a half life and can last for millions of years. These are protons that are radiated without nucleus. All energy incumbencies can enter Alpha Protons, When energy is added to the alpha protons the higher the deflection of space amplitude. Alpha Protons 781224481.2

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