Alpha States

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, September 23, 2019 10:49 PM

Water Soluble; Chemicals in space need water to be soluble, the chemicals rely on the H2 00 to be over oxygenated. Their are 13 oxygen molecules to every hydrogen atom to the conglomerate of space delta. The over oxygenated particle is less known , because we do not see planets formed in demetri alpha sequence. The algorithm reveals that the chlorine atom mixes with the H200 and the chemical is dysentery to the sedimentary rock in alpha state delta. It dissolves the equilibrium of the hydrogen atom. When this happens the delta regains its fortitude in space delta. It now can drive the chemical to its delta determination. The planet wicks the hydrogen in the dismay and forms around the planet to the dysteria and columbines the chemical to dysentery alpha state. 334478122381.2, The columbine is the clevis in the conglomerate weather around the planet. This creates the pattern we see on Jupiter and other celestial bodies. The bands are reinforced in the chemical analysis. The dysteria is examined by the Universe in every infraction of movement. Its collective in detail to the planets own determination. The water soluble is the dysentery to the chemical delivery. The reaction to the planets surface is columbine delta advance secursion. This is the caliper in detail to the movement in sequence alpha delta. There is a good reason that Venus does not move very much, its delta is inhibited by the sulfur. It slows planets down. It will also slow induction down as well. It has some lift capability but that has already been determined. The planet is stuck in demetri alpha sequence. The culvert can not be released until the planet regains its infraction to water soluble disdain. Its delta is advance in secursion all the time but cant move where it needs to be to deliver the columbine to delta faster. This inhibits the planets fortitude and is considered a failure to the Universe. The planet Venus wants the hydrogen over oxygenated molecule from Earth but the Earth limits its delta there. Its control yoke is the moon. The Earth wants the moon to be more Earth like rather than Venus. Water soluble chemical disdain is a gift from Earth. Its projection to the Moon is in direct conflict with the Universe. Therefore the molecules in transit evaporate. This will never change, but the Earth has determination to conquest the Moon. The universe has alpha sequence with the Moon and its determination must be advance secursion at 338, 000 nautical miles first before this happens. The Moon is moving away from the Earth every year, because of the Moons own determinations. Planets are alive and reconstruct themselves over time and with chemical disdain.

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