Alta Reactions

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, December 9, 2019 7:45 PM

Alta dimensions; The good and the bad, To have a Universe you must have the bad and the good, there are alta dimensions, they often influence our Universe. These other Universes are not teaming with life, the alta dimension would not allow that. They are the converse for the multiverse. These other Universes can touch our Universe. They also can collide their conglomerate at ours. We have evidence that some things we see in our Universe did not originate here. They are from the multiverse and what they collide to ours. Nuclear Fission in a natural state and can spin a star so fast that it becomes a magnet. Light is replaced for magnetism. This is substantial in our Universe. Free flowing magnetism crates the gravity wave in delta. Its coming, magnetism is coming from elsewhere. It starts with stars so dense they collide with other stars to dissolve. This is an alta reaction. We have it here in our Universe because the Universe is open to alta dimensions, and multiverse interaction with ours. Alta dimensions are things that are harsh and confuse most scientists, Its the bad that becomes good like the example of stars that become magnets. This creates magnetism for billions of years. The out lay of the algorithm comes in contact with gravity waves. The calvine is already established and can become other events in life secursions. We have alta dimensions, alta chemicals, and many bad things that turn good but start off nasty. The converse is the space between the multiverse, its a common thread, and it creates the alta dimension. The Universe is a delivery system for life, we have other Universes contributing to our Universe. The particles dance, deliberate and confuse the logical. A rectangle molecular structure like Anti-Matter has nothing like it in our Universe, however is an alta dimension product and a substantial Universe that keeps on giving. We know it exists and now we know how to use it in fission reactions that catapult our craft across galaxies. Not all is known and what to come in the future, however be sure its going to be incredible. Alta dimension intellect disdain. converse alta substantial 128122381.2, over columbine in delta defuse Carnoc alpha. These particles have their way with us, and can be controlled, once we figure out what they do first. THERE MAY BE A 7100 DELTA. CONVERSE THE PHYSICS AT 128722481.2 X 5100. The quarter play is delta that has light speed possible. 55223388281.2.

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