EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, July 2, 2020 10:16 PM

Combination Delta Earmark; The converse of the radio frequency is further more detected in our solar system, These are vast waves of climatic destruction. They operate as waves calibrated by energy of the Universe. This dark energy is the colombo in wave dysteria, It calibrates for most of the wave function of our solar system. The climatic destruction it creates is a dissolve of chemicals. This convulsion by the Universe is calibrated in a frequency combination delta earmark. The elements trade the viscose, and the chemical trades the density. Dark Energy has the power to convulse the Universe to columbine the density to a frequency in alta submissions replayed at intervals of delta persuasion. Convulsion by Universe in alta submission at 418121381.4, converse is alta at 21344781.2. The converse tells the story, the chemicals are the dysteria and the elements are the viscose detail of our solar system. The Algorithm shows that the frequency is delta, its properties are convenient to the Sun and elaborate the converse to columbine the frequency in detail. 78122381.4. Space itself is a frequency. The elemental fall out is the byproduct. The chemicals are the alta in the persuasion and complicate the encumbering density. The Universe is spinning, the alta can not exist without a spin aperture involvement. These are collisions in space are at a very small incumbency. The Combination Delta Earmark is volatile, When chemicals meet elements the destruction is on, it calibrates spin and custom rotations in the region of space. Altas are performing frequencies. The converse of the Universe creates this dysteria. The Universe is moving at Earmark Delta 218871.2. Frequency created is 8100 Delta T. They can be observed at radio inclusion 4471281. Spanners are Altas, and the chemicals are the streaks. Dissolved matrix is yellow. Upload delta for frequency sequence at the 4140 are convex alta 77281.2. Transponders are delete. Convey alta only.

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