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EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 3:03 PM

Resonance distillation; The converse of resonance has a distillation process, the energy is convexed outward ,but also up. the energy has a distill in convex detail at 41 degrees. its radiant detach is for 1,380 miles into space from a Earth bound aperture like the XCL Power Producer. Typically the resonance disparity is only 200 ft, this fulcrum is the interface that can be felt by people and animal. When you venture closer to the resonator on center of the building the energy gets stronger. its up to the patient if they want move closer or not, they may also fall back, in index to the resonator. The patient may feel more comfortable at close range to the resonator, the reason is as the body aligns to the distill matrix, the strength of the patient is experiencing a higher distill and feeling stronger in that caption. As soon as you feel better from the disease or conditioned fulcrum, it is the preliminary tests that are completed, to see if the resonance has helped in the dissemination of the disease. Once the energy is in distill with the patient they feel noting, and a closer approximation to center may be recommended. The higher the resonance factor the faster the cure time. The balance is an algorithm to the energy and the weight and height is calculated for each patient and the delivery of index is calibrated to the distill of the resonance and the disease they have. Some will move faster than others, and the climax of the disease may come sooner, the molecular disdain is recalibrated. The medical tests are evaluated by doctors on staff and an assessment is sequential. The delta is calibrated for the sequence of the disease, the alpha signal at index determines the calculation of the progression of the disease. We can tell the therapy is working with blood tests and common practices. The client is always listen too, the progression is established in sequence with the way they are feeling. The amount of time that is under resonance is also calculated related to the algorithm. The energy is a forced decree to the body, the brain listens to the decree and the pathways are opened to cure the disease. The process depends on the disease and its fulcrum to the human body's own calibration at 2.81. Volume divided by the circumference is the delta. The space attribute conditions the body for repair. The facility is a round configuration and each room is part of the pie. The convex works, the closer, the higher engulf, and the further back, the less in resonance delivery. The facility is 200 ft to the outside wall from any point of the Epoch Resonation Station from center. Resonation distillation convex secursions 1248144781.2.

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EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 7:21 PM

Comprehension Detach; To provide a protection in space or the Earth with a resonance energy is comparable to having air to breath. The deflection attributes for nuclear particles are amazing. The resonance is the opposite of Nuclear Power and deflects these particles from the body. The deflection may feel like a convulse but it is apparent very quickly and with in 32 seconds the Nuclear Particles are driven away and back into space and leaving no trace or damage to the human body. Alpha states in particle infraction for space are at 4 over, like many diseases. The conquest of the human body are the focus of these particles. The only way stop them from incumbency is slated in the volume of the body to resist the encounter. The higher the internal vescue the better the outcome for that person. Nuclear Particles attack the heart, they clamor in the disdain and convulse the aftermath of radiation sickness. When we have inductive energy in the forefront the particles are deflected immediately. The mico sever disdain has klamath but the resonance will fix the aftermath of cellular damage. In other words if there is a nuclear accident and people are exposed, there is little any hospital can do. The cell count is destroyed and they can die from the exposure. The Epoch Resonation Station can stop the deterioration. Energy against energy is a convoluted disparity, its all based on what is stronger in the detail. The human is 2.81 the particles are at 4.81 in disparity, the resonance is at 4 over, 4 times the strength of the normal internal vescue of the human body. These particles are driven out immediately. The patient starts to feel normal in a few minutes. The damage control is before they arrive. People that are admitted are sick from the Nuclear Power they were exposed to, the resonance is like a breath of fresh air. it distributes evenly and starts at the brain then to the heart and will drive the unwanted particles from the body. The complex algorithm shows the index at 200 ft. for 41 minutes. These people can recover with a resonance in detail for the exposure of Nuclear Particles. Resonance detach alpha signals 4100 complex at 4 over. 78133281.4

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