Anti-Matter a Rectangle

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 7:51 PM

Space Law 4100; The intricate data that is known about this law has detail for inductive manufacturing. The law has parameters and are set in detail to fission reactions, columbine delta and the refuge we leave behind. Its sculptory, The in-values are included. The craft must have advance fission capability, it also warns of collapse delta in mach speeds. Anti-Matter is a coagulant, it disappears as if it is air. The law must be abided by when handling Anti-Matter. The collapse comes when the component is more than 2 grams. The heat in-value is 2200 degrees. The maximum in heat variance on any craft of induction shall not exceed 2200 degrees in chamber. The chamber must be made of glass and a wall thickness of 2 inches. It also must mimic the corresponding chemical or shape of the structure being examined. All Anti-Matter chambers on inductive crafts are to be rectangle in shape. All other known chemicals are in round glass vessels at no less than 2 inch glass. All Fission reactions are no more than 2 grams in any chemical analysis. Fission blanks are a correlation of abstract detail to the reaction the craft will have in corporal space. The test variance for real chemical are test values in grams first. Sound variance more than 31 seconds are not allowed. The reactionary space conglomerate has density factor, therefore the alpha must not exceed the conglomerate alpha signal. Exceeding the signal will result in a spin aperture involvement for all inductive crafts. Fissions more than 10 minutes Earth time are prohibited. The contents must be released with in 10 minutes Earth Time. The sculptory is fission release in alpha signals only. Test all reactions in Lab first. Test values are sculptory, Sounds are infinite if you use them they have limits in detail to sound variance in the conglomerate. The space will react to sound variances more than 31 seconds in value variation, but will be subjective to the nitrogen in apply to the disdain by the craft. 4100281.4

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