Anti-Matter and Gravity Mix

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, November 17, 2019 2:30 PM

Climax Delta; When studying Anti-Matter one is in auh, of its Cambridge in the analysis. Its dexterity is unknown and its almost a element. The material has character in its expansion. The studies reveal the material is advent to a conglomerate of space, but calls for the detail in chronograph analysis. The projection is always forward, it has the detail of levity, cohesion, and marks for propulsion. Its commerce is alpha and its demetri is always slow. The Uni-sex of the conglomerate between alpha 1 and 2 is the climax delta in the creation of a Star. The Bellamy is delta until it cavitates to delta down. Anti-Matter is linked to gravity. The convulsion in space Bellahomy allows for the material to cavitate with each other, 1 and 2 are linked for ever, and the delta down is the result. Anti-Matter is more important than previously thought. The climax pushes down and the result is cavitations on a scale in-vitro analysis. Anti-Matter is base pressure for the Universe. It allows the gravity to Delta Down, every thing falls down. Density is depleted and now we have AIR. Life can emerge and the strobe is in the lime light. This material is the glue that holds all things in the Universe with symmetry and conditions the Stars to make determinations in space. It also allows for planets to have AIR. It becomes an Anti-density to the Bellahomy of space. You can breath here, and soon with enough Anti-Matter on most planets and moons. Delta down is a density displacement. the result are compounds in delta in an atmosphere. Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, All we have in our atmosphere without density of space pushing down on us. 8100.

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