Anti-Matter and its Properties

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, November 17, 2019 7:36 PM

Anti-Matter in conclusion; The material boasts power, and compliance to the Stars own behavior. One thing that must be examined is its ability to move objects. This also includes celestial bodies. Planets that have retro grade in their own determination are motivated by Anti-Matter. Its not a fuel we must think of it as an element we can use but for the propulsion of a space craft. Its expel properties are of disdain but culvert the craft to areas of space in short periods of time. We can not harness the molecular structure through out its heating process, its devastating affects in an enclosure can be an abrupt. It should be handled in space. There is plenty of room for expansion. The material can be handled in an area of induction in its inversion field. The cavitations are equal to its mass. The solid state of Anti-Matter is sublime. Its the slow heat up of the material that is dangerous, you must not exceed 2100 degrees in chamber and the cervix must exit the craft at every impulse in power. Its a material that is free and should remain free in all of its changes. The 2/10ths in circumference is all that is allowed. The craft shall not exceed 2 grams at any given time. The material has reference to space attributes, its a material that is used in nature to delta down atmospheres for life to take hold. Its the most amazing material ever created. Its not indigenous to our Universe, and should be handled in complex algorithm first. The structure is rectangle in circumference, this is a leading hypotheses that it comes from another Universe. It made its début 13.8 billion years ago into our Universe. Its the material in-fusion analysis that makes air. It rests at the bottom of the alpha 1 conglomerate, It moves slow and it is Dark Matter. Its the aftermath of an exploded Star. Its the left over, Stars are frequent to the convex secursions of Anti-Matter. They are attracted to it. It gives them a brighter columbine. It also will propel the star to its determination. When it runs out of Anti-Matter the Star becomes a SUN. Mankind can benefit with anti-matter, it can shorten Time Dilation. It allows us to travel great Mach speeds. We deluge the material back into space, after we slowly heat it up, the ideal heat disparity is 651.2 degrees. The temperature is the amount of heat to move the drag solution and mix with the anti-matter. Its convexed at no more than 8100 molecules at a time to the inversion field on the outside of the craft. Fewer molecules shorter travel. These are bursts of expulsion of the craft. The induction plates are the convex in the detail. The expansion rate is 4100 in conglomerate alpha 1 and extends to alpha 2 at 3300 alpha extensions. Its a much faster material in its own Universe. Multiverse completed in variance 22481.4 over the convex alpha of space central destitute delta 448822781.4.

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