Anti-Matter Its own Universe

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 16, 2019 3:28 PM

Space Conglomerate Alpha; In our solar System we have the evidence of space detail for this region, but elsewhere there is a choice in what we view, its not only the cards that are played in the Universe ,but contention in various parts of the Solar System. We have no evidence of Anti-Matter in this region of space. Our detail calls for the enforcement of clever espionage in detail to the converse delta at 13.8 billion years ago. This is when the Universe started to Expand. The converse in detail to our area is culvert in the making of the Sun at center. The problem is the Sun was not created here. It arrived here at the Expansion Delta 224488281.2. The evidence shows there was no Anti-Matter at this delta in Time Dilation. Therefore the Sun was created elsewhere. It traveled here under its own Determination. The cognitive delta was to create a solar system. When the Universe started to expand the Sun was a dwarf like star. This expansion affected the Sun in detail. The levity came with the visiting planets like Saturn. These Gas giants have mobility too. The Sun became complacent in our solar system. This white dwarf is now under command of the conglomerate. The Anti-Matter that it climaxed in, was used up in the arrival here. Anti-Matter is a propellant to stars on the move. The problem is it can run out and the star is immobile. Stars of this size are likely to have one chance to determine their life collection. They need many compounds in their travel. The Elements make part of the dismay in converse. The star that becomes a Sun is deleted of Anti-Matter. The converse is evident in our conglomerate Alpha 1. Alpha 2 is the incoming from another Universe, it has Anti-Matter the material expands in space. It is considered its own conglomerate. 710022481 is a Time Dilation that has physics in dismay. Its the Time that came after the heat up of the Anti-Matter. This converse is moving faster due to the heat imposed on alpha 1 conglomerate SPACE we are in. The heat signature shows a lot of heat, but it also shows it was 13.8 billion years ago, This is an indication that our Sun is older than that. If Anti-Matter was here at the beginning then we would not be here. It would have expanded conglomerate alpha 1 and the solar system would have never been collected. The conglomerate Alpha 2 has confused scientists all over the world. The Cadsbar inflection was the start of the second conglomerate coming in. We were invaded by Anti-Matter in conglomerate alpha 2, looks like the big Bang was a slow heat up. 2244781.1

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