Antimatter Disolvent

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, November 22, 2019 8:00 PM

Dissolvent in space; The number one dissolvent in space is Anti-Matter, its a mix of air super heated and vaporizing in chamber and released at top- out temperature. The securum has delta in clevis disdain. It remains Anti-Matter until its release in expansion is over. Once released it is Air. It becomes the conglomerate in delta we see at expansion rates in other Universes. The securum becomes the Dissolvent for space travel. Its hypocrisy is delta, but acts like a propellant. As long as the dissolvent is catalyst with hydrogen the second dissolvent, the heating process is expansion. Anytime you mix hydrogen with any other element or concourse the out come is faster speeds. Induction separates the delta and columbines the inversion field and a new dissolvent is created. The main reason we use dissolvent in space is for faster inductions. The process is for all natural chemicals. Hydrogen is heat, Nitrogen is cold, Prosperous is axle speed, sulfur is to slow down. The dissolvent in space help in coordination of vectors and learning the conglomerate reactions in speed and delta. Inductive crafting can teach many new ways of travel in space. Anti-Matter is the material that yields the most for inductive crafts. Speeds are catapulted and the variance is fulcrum without inertia. Its complete control in space delta. Hydrogen is the second fastest in dissolvents, if the variance is sequestered. The phase shifting aspect is hydrogen, The technology is designed to have vast amounts of hydrogen on board in cylinder or canister vacuum chamber and expulsed into thrust bumpers in the front of the craft the phase shift creates a thrust to interior bumper along side of the craft and the craft bumps forward exponent, and can be done as often as desired. The dissolvent is the lateral in convection detail. It pushes the craft with such force that top-out speed are accomplished in seconds rather than minutes. The phase shifter is a component, you shoot into chamber and the craft reacts in all density. The dissolvent is hydrogen and can be heated to velocity in delta exuberant in alpha states. Two phase shifts in a row can catapult the craft due to the force in convection. The conglomerate is nitrogen its on the outside, for the most part, the hydrogen is the securum in dissolvent delta at 4100 degrees. As we heat up the hydrogen at Tac delta we compress the chamber and release into the inversion field. The conglomerate is displaced, and a forward momentum is acquired. Phase shifting is standard features on the Class 7 Star Craft. As the technology scales, the dissolvents become more important to the mission in time dilation. Heat variance is secured in-vitro expulsion. 1281227814481.4.

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