Antimatter Expansion

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, March 1, 2020 9:59 PM

Expansion waves; The Starship Class 7 has the ability to jump millions of miles in time variance to the dielectric time variance, if you move very quickly through space the Earth time will change very little. The ship chemical reacts anti-matter found in the constellation of Alpha Centauri the climax came in 13 billon 800 million years. When this star blew it was devastating to the area ,but it left a signature duly recognized to main stream science, its the blue haze that confines under extreme chill. This is the ruminant of a exploded star. The material is Anti-Matter. The class 7 is the only star ship capable of extracting the fuel there. Anti-Matter is very expansive, its detail can be explained in one word FORSIGHT, The commander must know its capability and its expansion rate to journey its collective distance. The corporal disdain is generally 41 million nautical miles but can expand up to 249 million miles depending on your gentry level. The higher you are the more miles to the gallon. The converse is complicated, but do-able in such variations in climax delta secursions. The expansion rates are subjective in the math sequence because anti-matter is not in the table of elements as a conglomerate alpha chemical or element. Its a source of energy for the Universe, and typically not used as a fuel or not until the collection of data shows the expansion rate that can be expected in jumps from one galaxy to another. The 78th parallel in space is the convex area of the fuel. It would be a very long journey and may be impossible but the star craft can fission react the diabolical fuel into sub stream alpha for space travel in long distances. The space conglomerate would love to move the material to different areas of space but can only conclude for millions of years of calibration very slowly. The same is normal conglomerate expansion rates for the material all over the cosmoses. The material moves really slow and concludes its destinations when newly forming stars have the anti-mater at Max Plank gentries in fission reaction alpha states to that formation. Its the material that allows the 'shining' new star. The higher the shine the more anti-mater was gathered by the conglomerate. 410022781 3 over. Heat is the accelerator and the expansion is the force behind the ship in gentry crossings. 710088281.2

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