Antimatter not Indigenous

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 10:28 PM

Total aspect; The columbine in the infraction has detail to the columbine of space gentry. When we introduce anti-matter to the inversion field we are columbine and the significance is delta. Anti Matter does not have a positive and a negative charge ,but 2 positives and 2 negatives. This is what we call a conglomerate all by its self. It does not match any conglomerate in our Universe. Anti-Matter is not indigenous to our Universe. It has a 4 Plex delta to it, the culmination breaks down the advert in the inversion field and the expansion continues for millions of miles. Our conglomerate looks at Anti-Matter like a distant cousin ITS SOURCE IS COLLAPSED STARS. Some stars do not collapse and they are indigenous to our Universe. They have absorbed enough matter to combust in natural climax of our Universe. The Stars that explode have Anti-Matter. After the destruction of the star, the columbine changes to a natural delta for our Universe. We believe its the cause for the expanding Universe. The algorithm shows that the double helix in the inversion field allows for expansion and not combustion. The anti-matter has already ignited and it composition changes to a zero inflection to a binary complex known as Total Aspect. The culvert changes near the exploded star and the material may linger for centuries, the conglomerate can only collect so much so fast. Delta 281over the sudden change in the space delta 5588281.2. This expansion rate is for the material in a star that is in our Universe that has depleted the carbon atom. The convex alpha changes as well it delegates the current conglomerate to move. This movement is delta for our Universe and has a spin aperture involvement with the conglomerate in dark Energy. Its the Whole Universe spinning that creates the vacuum. Anti-Matter that has depleted its carbon atoms is the dark matter and creates the velocity entanglement we see today for our Universe. The 4 Plex is the expansion aspect delta of having 2 positives and 2 negatives. When they collide they will annihilate each other but the matter is dormant due to the infraction of the material after a super nova. The complex algorithm also states that all Anti-Matter has no charge in the star before the explosion. Its Plasma detox. Its brightness is the culmination of detox alphas in the star. 78122381.2 over the columbine in delta. Anti-Matter is a conglomerate and expects our Universe to move it around and expansion is the way its done. Heat values have been expressed and along with determination in speed aspirations make the material in handling sublime at cold temperatures. The convex is 124488281.2 and the sublime attribute is 4488281.4. The charge is delta and the conglomerate is moving. Space Law never extract Anti-Matter from a live Star. 781448822381.4 Annihilation.

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