Antimatter Reactions

EA Martinez on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 8:51 PM

Fission Reactions ; The Star cruiser is Level 7 in class It has the capability to fission react Anti-Matter, These are jumps to further solar systems not in our galaxy. Its designed to catapult the ship from one galaxy to another. The top -out speed is 281, 000 fpm. Its the highest we can go, however their is up to 288,000 fpm. The distortion would have to be controlled, and the anti-Matter is increased to 40 grams per jump. The reactor would also have to be increased. The distilled is 2/10ths ,but the chamber is increased to a lower volume at slower indignation. The colombo is delta at 288241.2. These speeds are capable of distorting the hull. The climax delta is increased to the advent of distort modifiers. They control the hull reactions to the pressure the Anti-Matter has on the Hull. They are made of copper, they have a circumference of 18 inches and are placed in fore and aft position. They clinically distort the field in circumference and are exposed only at jump delta converse. They retract back into the ship and are covered by an oscillating shield. This shield is spinning and in converse with the jump. The delta differential is colombo vector circumference at 4488281.2. This allows the shield to push back against the Anti-Matter. This will allow a Star Ship in this class to jump at higher invert to the delta circumference in the quagmire. The absolute fastest we can travel is 288, 000 fpm but with distortion field technology. You must create a spin aperture involvement to the Anti-Matter in converse when using more Anti-Matter. The consequences are devastating without the distortion field. It is the control aperture this ship is equipped with to make these jumps to other galaxies at higher inversion consequences. The distortion field comptroller is 3 ft. back on center and the rear is just above the induction plates on center. It consists of a spinning plate moving at 331,000 rpm, its covered by 4 inches of aluminum when not in use. The eye plate moves sideways to control the distortion in space. Pressure examples are in converse to the innovation. The copper plate spins so fast its distorting the inversion field. The conglomerate then steps in and convulses space for the reaction of the Anti-Matter. The conglomerate wants you to be successful, The field distortion makes up the quagmire needed to control the flex abernath of space delta. 448822381.2, This allows the space to relax, and less distortion is the goal. 5522381.2

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