Argon Lasers with Induction

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, April 27, 2020 8:43 PM

Argon lasers; The argon laser is for measuring distance, the tripod design is high power, but can tell us many interesting aspects of deep space. The argon Laser is a photon displacement, its calibrated with the deltoid indifference. The collective analyses is subjective in the computers ability to count the pixels display. The reactive screen is absorption, When we point our technology at a star for example, the derelict symmetry is concave alpha display. This allows the operator to advance the curriculum at the known object, when we do the variance is the amount of time it takes to advance the object, and return it to the absorption screen held above the laser projective dysteria calibrator. The Argon Laser has one displacement its to focus on a particular object, detail the incumbency and transverse the photon display back to Earth , this time display calculates the distance in real time not fortitude. The equivalent photon display screen at the computer has but one variance its to count the pixels on the screen and for each pixel an advance of distance is established. Reactive symmetry is the advance calculus of display demetri alpha incumbency. In other words Argon Lasers are distance variance. They tell us exactly how far an object is from Earth Observatory that houses the Argon Laser, point and wait for the return of the photon recourse display advance back, It works in solitude, for the light that is being emitted is the same light of the return stream back to our absorption screen held above the Laser. The Argon Laser has what is known as a sequel distance control, once it reaches the object it automatically begins to return in a photon exchange disdain of calibrated fortitude. This has the upper hand in the return sequence. Photons feed off each other there is always an exchange in the alpha upheaval. This a natural exchange and great for this technology, because it calculates the return for us in photon display and that can be counted, therefore a distance can be calculated in the variance. If we point it at a star we can measure the distance of that star from Earth, also it works for moving objects like our Space crafts and exocentric systems. We can tell how far exactly our Lear captain is from Earth in future missions. We just point and shoot the photons exchange, and our computer sends us the documentary display of distance. This technology works for any known space object. When calculating moving objects it can be very accurate because the distance continually changes as it approaches the Earth or retreats to deep space. The Argon Laser have been discussed at length in past blogs but are not part of the congluancy of our operation yet. The XCL Power Producer is the only technology that can supply enough power economically for the feasibility to sustain the Carnoc distance Ephraim.

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