Atmospheric Conditioning

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 9:09 PM

Cloud Formations; Cloud formations are the reverence to the Planets. They bath the planet in that they are continuous and borrow chemicals from each other. They columbine very much like molecular structure in appearance. They move the atmosphere. The clouds are the romantic disdain. They columbine the necessary chemicals to either disdain or upheaval. These clouds are the precursor to larger clouds. They have the ability to evaporate. When they do they are still there, we can not see the cloud any more but its delta is there. The molecular structure has willful intent. It can separate the oxygen into smaller molecules on their own. The clouds can split oxygen four hundred times their normal size. This is the evaporation process. When the oxygen diminishes it congregates with other molecules. The process continues with nitrogen, it can be spit 8100 times. Hydrogen can be split 4100 times. Phosphorus can be split 2100 times. Sulfur has Carnoc delta at 2241 times. Methane Hydrate has Carnoc delta at 812241 times. When these particles diminish they congregate and they start to move, this delta can be for storms weather and the ability to disdain other worlds. These cal vines to other planets have been a natural source for chemicals through out the solar system. Earth is the control yoke for water in the solar system. The H2o on Earth is an alpha composition. The journey starts off like any other convex delta but changes in composition to make it to the inflected planet. These various chemicals can travel through space density. The molecular structure is shared through out the Cosmos. Gas Giants have their own cloud formations but carry a larger punch. They can reach beyond our own solar system. They can target their own convex alpha signal to any planet and the planet can reject it or absorb it. Its the only way they can evolve. The cloud formations on Jupiter are there to convex the gravity in cervix delta of its own magnetic field. These field lines carry the graviton deep into space. Venus can disdain the Earth with alta chemicals that have been known to create cancer. They are known as carcinogens. The cloud formations of Earth end up in space in chemical transfer to other planets. Venus is the control yoke for sulfur. The Earth does not create this chemical its sent to us. They have been in deluge for millions of years. Its now time to track the disdain and understand the nature of space travel. 410028122481.2

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