Auto Pilot on a space Craft?

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, October 20, 2019 11:11 PM

Clarifier disdain; The Star craft has the ability to protect the Lear in times of grief and let down. The complex alpha signals to the A/I that a moment is needed for the Lear. Its subtle in respect ,but can be taken as a time out. The craft has an auto pilot. When the Lear signals to the A/I in complex algorithm 4488281.2 the A/I takes the helm. This signal is to help the Lear in the determination phases of the journey. This lever can be pulled at any time. The A/I moves up towards the helm and is in assistance. It can activate the artificial bio inductor and can relive the captain of his journey. The A/I has the Helm in one algorithm. The remaining defer attributes are for the A/I. Subject alta is the term associated with the A/I in converse. It moves forward to defer the Altas in abbreviation. These can be chemicals that are harmful to human and the A/I is the solitude in delta. Particles in space behave differently in space. The concept of analyzing all known chemicals or disdains for space travel is daunting. The task has features that resemble android. Since we are not android our brain is not wired to defer tasks like the A/I or android. The complex Altas involved are to be enlighten by the craft not the human running the craft, therefore the craft must have an induction primary to the study of the molecular structure. The Lear can hand over the helm at any time including Earths atmosphere. It will negotiate the lift and columbine the delta in complex and send the necessary information to NASA Control. It can also navigate all the way down to the surface. This can be primary objective, lower to the surface and the algorithm, takes over until safely landed. The craft is instrumental. Its allowed to perform on any planet or moon if the Lear is in need of determinations. All the information is around the Lear and full concept delta is shared. There may be times of needed rest in space. The A/I is quite capable of inducting to the correct vector and the right delineations. All eyes are open in concept delta. The clarifier disdain can be any algorithm. It is the signal to the A/I that a period of time is needed and there is no clarification needed. The journey is all ready programmed, and the mission moves forward until there is a break in symmetry with A/I. The A/I is in concept with the Lear and the Lear is in conceptual with A/I. The defer moments are with the Lear. Questions are asked, Are you well? Why am I in prime directive? Are you immobile? Should I columbine the Earth? These are all defer actions by the A/I. If you are hurt the A/I can assist you home without clarity. Clarifier Disdain 128122481.2. This feature has catapult delta during times of emergency. The craft is taught to behave like a molecule and set the craft stable at all times. 78133481.2.

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