Avoiding Carbon

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 11:06 PM

Entanglement Deltas; These deltas are fierce, they whip up strange debris and convulse when not needed. They introduce light in a way that its photons are used up in the transaction entanglement. The photons are traveling so fast that they become matter, and closely entanglement with a carbon atom. The photons are used up and what's left is a carbon atom. Entanglement deltas are and should be avoided, although the star crafts can handle these entanglements it becomes dangerous when large amounts of carbon is the detail in the entanglement. The Inversion field is attracted to the entanglement. The espionage is Vega in the understanding and can pull the craft closer. The carbon is filtrating the space around the entanglement. These particles are governed by a strange force known as the Vega Principal. They infuse the carbon and they move very quickly, they become the comets. These comets are subjective in the Vega Principal, They move with such speed they strip the conglomerate of vital chemicals in the entanglements and dispose of their tails in a combustion of thrust in conclave delta. The carbon atoms have been traveling in some cases for millions of years. The stripping of the conglomerate is part of its delivery system to planets and moons that need certain chemicals they have collected. They rarely hit the surface but exemplify their life in an explosion just above the surface of the celestial body. This release is the end of the comets life, it has distributed its cargo of chemicals its gathered for as long as its been in the Entanglement Delta sequence. THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS A OORT CLOUD. The converse is the delta in the entanglement. The abbreviation in the converse is delta but has a purpose to the Universe. Our planets and moons can communicate with the conglomerate too. They may ask for more phosphorus or sulfur, Some may request oxygen and receive it from the host Sun. The Gas Giants can also respond in delta entanglements. 78122381.4.

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