Barrier width Determination

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 7:11 PM

Barrier width; The aluminum hull has a barrier width in detail, The calibration is disdain alpha culvert at 81 degrees. It has the barrier width on its own. The supply is culvert alpha 124188781.2. This craft can establish its on determination. How can some thing man made have its own determination? As explained in previous blogs the Planets have determination in the converse alpha disdain of space. The craft has a similar determination with this configuration of aluminum alloy deflective density attributes. The barrier width is as wide as the craft. This craft is inductive, It can feel the density barrier width. The planets can feel the craft in dyslexic despair alpha signal variance. The Earth loves induction. The converse is for every planet and moon with the sequence gravity alpha signal telemetry alpha 2817122.3 The planet has the brakes not the craft. These crafts will be able to float at 1281ft. Above the Earth until inducted. The craft in its design is important to obey the planets determination not mans deliverance like rockets. The barrier width helps in the concourse of planets with determination. The speed is also a factor on approach alpha. These crafts are foreign bodies in space and planets will react to the induction or forced gentry. Giving the craft a barrier width is a smart value in space, it allows the Lear to calculate density infractions in converse or concourse of the solar system. It also gives the planet the ability to deflect the craft, This kind of deflection can tell the Lear that the molecular structure of compounds has changed. The development of this specialty hull is to alert the determinations, check the columbine alpha and disdain in the atmospheres. Gravity has variance and craft reacts to the barrier width of the planet or moon. 38 seconds are great re-entry to Earths atmosphere. Minimum heat variance shields not required. The nose panel is alpha state compost entry shield only. The composite is over the hull. The temperature should not exceed 121 degrees. The fast re-entry is the key to heat variance. Mars has heat variance at 1271.8 but the columbine in the forced gentry to the barrier width slows the craft at this elevation. The craft design hull is also invert with the power. This type of hull keeps the power on the outside of the craft. Now its a molecule in space. 12812244781.2

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