Belt Density

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, August 30, 2019 12:59 AM

Faragot Notion; This deliberation is the conquest of particles in-vitro to the craft. They congregate at the middle of the craft. They push and pile on each other in the disparity of the belt pressure. They try to move but they are solid in force. This environment is similar to the Earths atmosphere. Nitrogen has the delix in the force. Oxygen is the delta at reprieve nodes of space. In other words the oxygen is dormant until the nitrogen complies the particle. It exerts force on the oxygen. It manipulates the concourse. Its the same on Earth, the pressure is 14.8 psi. To duplicate the prospect of a nitrogen rich atmosphere and oxygen in klamath disdain the belt pressure is complied to 4100 psi. The craft has set the belt pressure, but density can change the Faragot notion. The outside pressure is 8100 psi, its the klamath of space pressure. For the oxygen particle to be affluent in the craft it must match the klamath of space apathy. The density of 2 allows the belt pressure to be 4100, When the craft is near the gas giants its belt pressure must be 8100 psi. When the craft is acting like a molecule the delivery is balanced in-vitro the raised pressure is to let the gas giant know that the pressure is the same and not to encumber. Oxygen has two legs, it has the first in delta and the second is voluntary disdain. Oxygen levels rise when the capillary induction is correct. The 4100 psi belt pressure can raise the oxygen level to 14.8 percent. At 8100 psi the oxygen levels can rise to 21 percent. A true understanding of space apathy is in compliance of the regard of life in-vitro. These two pressures are important to know when traveling in space delta. The minimum pressure in the craft is 14.8 psi. If you loose the belt pressure you can still survive. It would be like breathing on Earth. This scenario is hard to believe, but the klamath stays with the craft even if all belt pressure is lost. The main reason is because the hull is 4 inches thick. It protects the operators from belt pressure loss. You would put your helmet on and breath normally until you make it back to Earths atmosphere. If something happens to the galaxy shield you will loose the belt pressure. There are other scenarios but the loss of belt pressure is accounted for in the advance algorithm for the Hull. Faragot Notion 128122481.2. space apathy at 14.8 psi is survivable with particle infractions in klamath to the in-vitro segate. There is no difference in the way you breath on Earth than this scenario. Repairs are needed but survivable. Density diffract delta in-vitro alpha disdain incumbency. 4over.

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