Biological Sequence

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, August 2, 2019 5:42 PM

Space craft or healing?; The quandary in the human body is two fold. The energy has the ability to deflect harmful particles from space and heal the human body at the same time. There is a very good reason for the phenomena and the energy is key to that understanding. If you travel more than 1 billion 481 million miles from Earth you will break your tie to the Earth. You will also need to re-identify yourself when you return. When you left Earth and travel for that distance anywhere in the solar system you are subject to induction when you return. Your heart has gone through a transformation, its beating slower, you are ageing slower than the people of Earth. Your body is used to being tied to the Earth consequence. That's Earth Time and you have known that all your life. When you return to Earth from the condition disdain aspect your body must be indexed to change your heart rhythm back to normal aging process. You are no longer using your biological clock. The rhythm on Earth is longer and space seems so far away. This is a physical set back for space travel and it must be met with induction calculus abbreviated. You must first have no worries and confine under the index of Earth, at control central and you must index with the calliope of the Earth or you can die. You have 81 hours to index. After that you will be on your biological clock in ageing but on Earth. This predicament has dire consequences for the Lear or travelers. The rhythm for human entropy 128122381.2, the rhythm for Earth Entropy is 12812244281.4 these two entropies must meet and disdain the weak leverage. Human Entropy is lower and the disdain is done in 38 minutes. You are now with the Earth time again and not serving your biological clock. We do not know how long one can live on Earth without the rhythm in balance calliope abstract, but we know you should not wait more than 81 days from your return. Your biological clock can differentiate and condition an unstable heart rhythm. This is real difference in Space time and Earth time. The quandary also demands the induction for life sustain but also heals the despondent. The Lear will never get Cancer. If he does he knows where to go. We must be prepared to travel in space and know certain things before we go, knowing the space quandary and how your biological clock sustains you in space is paramount. 4488281.2

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