Bring your Own Electrons

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, February 29, 2020 12:15 PM

Secular Disdain; We as people are the forgoers of technology in space, we invent parallels that make sense to the space voyage. The combination of alpha signals and the carrying delta is the forgoing for space delta. When we advance the secular disdain we invite innovation. To accomplish a detail like the magnetron or the signal shielding one must allow for free flow of energy to persists on the outside of the craft or ship. Energy is released into space its not harvested like many think, you must bring your own electrons to be secular for space travel. The confines will abrupt your journey in a closed journey with a space particle or fuel espionage that is not released. The ideas of strapping 289,000 gallons of rocket fuel is a recipe for disaster. Secular disdain is what the conglomerate wants if you hold large amounts of fuel and do not deluge at one point the conglomerate will in advance secular disdain the fuel tank. Its not being mean its a natural calliope its interested in. The fuel is key to being secular in the disdain of space it will always want your fuel, it senses that it can abrupt the tank and find ways to do just that. Space is hard, it will convict and determine your movements in the body of space conglomerate. Its important to share your deluge in an alpha states if you do not it will want to destroy you and all aboard, not from spite or carnage, but from the lack of fuel it needs to survive as a conglomerate. When traveling in space one must know what secular disdain is and perform attributes that show the conglomerate that it will help its quest to deliver a secular design and you are willing to obliges the disdain. The smallest of chemical or conglomerate aspiration from anti-Matter can send you on a voyage mushily delivered by the conglomerate. You have your top-out speed,and fuel but that's only the half of the equation the space intellect is the other half. Even in Earth atmosphere you must show secular disdain, if not a disaster could be eminent. The Columbia disaster is a fair example. It must be shown in detail to the conglomerate even on Earth. The way space works is to be subservient and acknowledge its disparity for all time. If you loose sight of the basics of traveling in space,a disaster will follow. Secular disdain in columbine delta with the conglomerate in alpha signaling or real espionage. 7814488281.9.

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