Building a Space Internet

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 11:47 PM

Internet in space; The internet is nothing more than 1 and 0s it blanks where there is no signal. This is a blazewidth, it signals to receiving towers that collide the information to the elevation of the Internet. The radial is 1251, Move the internet up 1 inch to 1251.1 you loose all the discourse, all the virus out there go away. You may loose important sites that can be reestablished. There is doubt that the internet has its faults, and your large internet sites will not move the internet they are stuck in the blazewidth, to reposition the satellites to a higher trajectory is to them an abolishment to the internet, quite the contrary the blazewidth also works in space. To include all the blazewidth available to Earth and its surrounding planets is a delta to higher elevations. 4140 is the new internet, its 4,140 miles above the Earth, its telemetry is a blazewidth that can transfer information for quantum computers and A/I. There's nothing there except a blazewidth. You might here some strange music, and chirps in convulsion to hydrogen and a culvert of sounds detailing the atmosphere. The 4140 extends from Earth to Mars and around Jupiter. The signal variance is 127181.4 and the blazewidth is only 12 ft. wide. The cataclysmic detail in the collidle of these particles that make-up the space internet are forced by gravitational waves in our solar system. It would require 17 large satellites to capture the Space Internet. Signal alpha blip, compounded to an external chirping sound. Radio infractions are a 1/2 a signal delta 77181.4, when the telemetry is signaled from the 4140 the alpha signals require a destitute of information, Quantum computers must increase their signal strength to 2/3 the variance higher. All 17 satellites must be laser focused to the vector for space internet 4140. The natural world of our Universe makes it possible to communicate to people in our solar system with the Space Internet 4140. Delta 1440, alpha signal at 12 over. Transponders are set for overflow. 18227141.4. These waves of galactic proportion extend beyond the solar system in the expansion internet at 8180. this internet blazewidth may extend for 3 light years. Preliminary studies show these alpha signals are natural vortices, density is driven down from particles in delta suffrage. This disdain of the density allows the information to flow with compounded delta from Earth. Uploaded information is set at 3100 years. The calliope is known as a Draw Back Alpha Signal 2418171.2. Information stored in this blazewidth is of colossal incumbency. TEST FREQUENCY ARE ALPHA P 224488281.2 SET TRANSPONDER @7122481.2 just over H. Calliope may disdain for several hours. Should reveal a steady thump.

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