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Business Technology; The aspiration of business technology in space seams premature, however the latitude is enormous consequences. Our problem is getting there, its demanding travel exploits, for Mars its the abundant iron deposits almost everywhere. This iron is not the same we calculate on Earth, Mars Iron deposits carry rear Earth metals in concentrations that can be extracted. The algorithm also shows its diamond mines are rich and undiscovered. At certain elevations the concourse is gold. 80 to 100 ft below the surface we will find gold deposits, The gold is of pyrite but has the collapse criteria of Earth gold, The melting points are the same, the gold is rich with magnesium. When these types of processes are at work a dynamic conclusion can be extrapolated. Nickel and iridium can be found together. The makings of a magnet and conclusions are another extrapolation. Our moon has rich pyrite extensions deep below the surface. The material can be made into alloys that resist density and space itself. On rear occasions a diamond can form. Moon dust will be the most exploited material, Its surface density is one of the strongest when combined with a trigger like aluminum. The surface is so dense that it could resist the temperatures of our Sun. The change quality mirror iron. Aluminum density is 4.0 but with material from the moon its collapse gentry goes to 4.8. Its a loss in malleability, but strength is the fortitude in space craft design. Aluminum mixed with a cobalt on Pluto can be one of the strongest alloy ever created. Its density goes way up with nickel and cobalt. Space crafts can resist asteroid incursions. 78122381.4

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