Calibrating Metal and Energy

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, June 22, 2019 2:58 PM

Calibration of metal and energy; Inductive power requires the mate of metal that is conducive disdain without calibration. Aluminum cobalt and induction have the reaction we look for. The cavity disdain is enormous, the culvert has lasting properties in the disdain attribute. The convulsion calamity is disdain with converse around the Hull. We want the energy to move about the craft. All on the outside only. The induction properties want to go to ground so we incorporate plates in the rear of the craft. They are made of copper. The converse starts here. Once the energy hits the plates in the rear of the craft in a vacuum, it pushes the craft forward. This is known as Delta T. This converse is for as long as the operator can conduct the energy on the outside of the craft to the induction plates. The power plant of an inductive Linear Accelerator requires the innovation of the energy to be released. It columns out the top of the star craft. Like energy exhaust it columbines the compounds around the craft. The swirling is busy all over the craft. When it hits the copper induction plates the craft will accelerate to divide the molecular structure of the energy. That is what space does to energy. It wants to columbine the energy and you have acceleration in space. You become the molecule. Space will want to move this material and you in it anywhere you steer. The operator must keep the energy on the plates to keep moving. We never stop. We try to stay inductive. The merging of metal and the energy is accomplished with this combination of material and induction only. Why calibrate when the algorithm has done it for you with it engineered all the way forward and zero calibration. Let it work natural as possible in space with less break downs. The fewer the better. The algorithm is not up for debate it just works well. 48122381.4

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