Cancer Stop

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 3, 2019 1:34 PM

Cancer the deltoid; If Cancer is the deltoid then it makes the disease the alta for the planet. The Alta is the molecular structure that degrades the human body. It comes in many forms, Cancer, disease with proximity, and collegiate disdain. The atlas of our planet all start with energy. Radio infractions, chemical reactions and radiation treatments. These Altas are dependent to human life. They were here when life started and will be here at its end. The Altas are what bring life to an end. They are energies that degrade life. They change the outcomes to deliver a complex delta that tells the brain to stop the natural induction to that organ. If we know why Cancer can set in why not have recourse to prevent it. Induction has the characteristics that can change the out comes to deliberate consequence or flagrant disdain in hereditary disposal. Energy is key to that fight with the Altas of our planet and any other planet or moon to destroy life in secursion. The Lear is protected to most chemicals and infractions to Nuclear in the craft. The consequence is that we can visit worlds that are despondent to human life and survive. The data can be collected and we can travel to places without the consequence of death and no return. Jupiter for example is highly radiated in space around the planet and just being in close proximity to the planet one can not survive the on slot of space particles that destroy. You must have energy to fight the energy in on slot. Altas are everywhere and on every planet and moon. Cancer is the alta for the Earth and muscle dilapidation is the alta for Mars. The Moon can cause severe headaches and convolute thought. Altas are real and we must take care in all we do out there. We also should understand our own alta and deliver an energy that can correct it here on Earth first. You can not have life without the good and the bad in creation. The Altas are the consequence of life. They still exist and will continue to live on Earth and without the energy protection they will impede our lives daily. We can only control the Altas we can not eliminate them. They are the phosgene gas in the process of making oxygen enriched atmospheres. We need the Altas but we must be smarter than Altas and beat them with energy that can control the delta rather than crate new ones that degrade. Induction is so very important for human sustainability. The interface delta can control the disease. The despondent has no chance. The variance is no matter in hereditary. The only reason cancer can be hereditary is because it is the alta of the Earth and we have no way to combat the disdain. Family after generations are still effected by the Altas of life.

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