Carbon Base

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, September 25, 2020 12:30 PM

Sodium embankment; Sodium is a common chemical on planets that have their own determination. This dysteria is collegiate to the planets variance and how it communicates to the Universe. This chemical can attract a compound from the conglomerate, it delivers a common aspect to the planets dysteria in the way of oxygen. Although its calling for oxygen to the conglomerate it will no doubt receive it. Its climax delta in space sodium has 2 variances for space chemicals its variance is a call for oxygen and can be ignored if the planet is not ready. The build up of sodium is an indication that the interior of the planet is heating up. The sodium has to variances one to extrapolate the chemical from the planet itself, and two from the conglomerate. Sodium embankments are a delivery system we have here on moons and planets in our own solar system. Sodium was very important to Earth in the detail of a cataclysmic detail called in from the Earth. It was a detail that started the rains and called for the delta of sodium to be in everything in natural detail. This calibration started life, sodium is the caliper in the Universe for life to begin. The carbon it creates is in all carbon based life forms. Sodium is not just a dysteria for life to evolve but a calling for the planets in-vitro circumference to delta the chemical to its surface. This the alpha algorithm 28144781.2 over the delta of the planets own dysteria to produce sodium. Its a clear sign the planet is calling for oxygen. 128171486.

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