Challenger Effect

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, December 25, 2019 11:30 AM

Valentry in combustion; The acceptance in space annuls allow for the discernments to be explained. Sulfur following hydrogen does not work. The valentry allows to be wrong in the reaction if compulses in another direction it should be examined, that would indicate another chemical in detail for that sector of space. The compulsory reactions are compulsive in that they are met by the space conglomerate and should be expected. An area of space can be saturated with a particular chemical or compound this may also affect the inversion field detail to maneuvers in alpha states. The craft has the detail to move in increments to a natural rhythm or columbine the detail in fission reactions to the hull. Combustion allows us to move forward, but the induction allows us to move in sequence. To create a combustion in converse is not recommended. Inversion fields are the unanimous and combustion is flagrant in detail. Space conglomerates are geared to extinguish combustion in space. If there is a heat variance it lasts so long and then extinguished in space delta. Combustion is the barricade in space delta. It should not be revealed to the conglomerate with fission capabilities. Thrusters are not a detail on this craft. Fire is a barricade in influence to the conglomerate. People with space intellect do not use fire in space. That is a castration in culvert to space structure. Its a spectrum the conglomerate will notice and refrain from conclusion in delta expression alpha states. If you launch with solid rocket fuel boosters the conglomerate will take notice every time. Its almost a degradation to space. The conglomerate may want the fuel, If its not hidden properly it will seek it out. The valentry in combustion is the collapse of the material your rocket is holding. The fuel burns the conglomerate in alpha state and retaliates in collapsing the fuel molecule that is now a carbon affluent.Turns out Burned carbon atoms are a pollutant in space too. 448822381.2

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