Changing States of Antimatter

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, March 8, 2020 7:13 PM

Dark Matter; The constitute of the Universe. It has value in the delta of the Universe synapses. Collegian soft squares are pendent to the velocity of the dark matter. Soft squares are a portion of space that collides with matter. They create the dark matter in that the Soft Squares are a colombo in space. The dark matter has no variance in the space conglomerate only its the reason for the expansion detail of the Universe. In compound analysis of dark matter the material has the function to expand but has no value in the conglomerate its self. The Gyro-scope of the Universe is that there are portions of space that collide and others that coalalest in the indifference. Dark Matter has the variance when it comes to expansion, and the soft squares of material collide the virtue. If we take dark matter into the lab we will find that it has a charge that is not positive nor negative. It has 2 positives and 2 negative protons. Its nucleus is made of the same material stars are made of. The material are related in that there is no such thing as dark matter but a changing state of anti-matter. The only difference is anti-mater is in reevaluation to heat. The dark matter is cold and non-functional. As it heats up the space around the anti-matter is expanding. When its cold the material moves very slowly. Every molecule is going to be deserted to the conglomerate over time. The hyper genocide created the dark matter. When these stars blow up they are the extension of the Universe that can collide and become a part of what is coalalest. When traveling in space the space conglomerate is the body of delta you are moving through. Changes like direction and without aspirations are prevalent. You have entered an area of soft squares the density has aspect of collidle expression. The ship will react in these areas and can push you around. The density changes are due to the amount of dark matter in the area. Combusted dark matter or virulent anti-matter is conditioning the space around it. It is conditioning the affluent in distress. The soft squares around the dark matter try to collide with the material at bay. This constant bombardment complicates the dark matter to move. The conglomerate will do anything to move the dark matter into areas of needed expansion. Vectors include 12814481.2 Alpha Centauri system , It will also discover the apocalyptic transformation of dark matter to a plasma vortex. The byproduct of the dark matter is plasma once it reaches it climax delta outlined by the conglomerate. The heat and the expansion properties are self evident. 7722381.4. Areas of high heat turn dark matter into plasma. The culmination of dark matter to plasma are how planets are formed. The heating and cooling create cores of the planets and last for millions of years. The carbon atoms cling to the vortex created by the heated dark matter and the planet is born. 78133481.2. The plasma cools and matter is congealed. The 4 plex delta takes it from here. Alpha signals are soon established to the conglomerate and the planet is set for rotation. 128144781.2

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