Chemicals can move inductive Crafts

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 23, 2019 2:34 PM

Dissolvents in radial; The calliope is the delta in the inversion field. When we add the variance in collective disdain in space we fulcrum the advance by 32 percent. Velocity is an expression of the detail in radial expulsion. The amazing thing about dissolvents is that not only do they allow for faster travel but we do need the actual chemical to accomplish. The sound variance if correct, and works as well, but the dissolvent is void. This is not as effective as the real chemical ,but can increase at statutes in the range of 14 percent. Sound is a force in nature, done correctly can create faster speeds in the variance. You must have established the delta already and the condition must have been established, but the sound variance is collective in the disdain and the craft will continue to move faster with a sound variance instead of the actual dissolvent in-vitro in alpha states. The way it works is space reacts to all that you put out there. It also can be faked in the conglomerate, it has disposition to reject, but does not and the variance is gone as fast as the craft is moving. The reaction is the same when inductive propulsion is used. The reason is because the space conglomerate is energy and so is induction. They react to each other well. So its not required to have vast amounts of phosphorus on board or columbine tons of hydrogen. The fact that space can help us move with a sound variance is incredible disdain without the disdain. We simply record the sound variance in vitro affliction and space will react. The condition does require the known chemicals in dissolvents at moderate amounts, but the clevis is still sound in the variance for the most part. Space wants your cargo and will react to what you put out there. It can only be fooled for a disdain or two but can collect the variance no matter your speed. Its a slow feed to space to conjure your mission in Time variance with alpha conditioning. We see what hydrogen can do for a mission, but in the same context lets look at Nitrogen, it has the variance with planets that are super hot. The more nitrogen in your inversion field the closer you can be to hot planets. The craft remains cool and you can use in radial expression for long docents or collective calliope to any planet with hot surface. Nitrogen is the conglomerate in space and can be manipulated for areas of space where the craft is overheating. It also is good to use for the conglomerate expressions that relate to touch downs on planet surfaces. It has a balance affect to unknown deltas and can be the variance with unknown chemicals, Nitrogen is an equalizer. 44022381.4 Dissolvents are the way we coast in space. 448822381.2 Sound variance in equilibrium.

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