Chemicals Create Time

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, September 14, 2019 12:21 PM

Chemicals in Space; The affluent in delta is the chemical alpha state circumference. So the molecular structure has the ability to yield space in its positive charge state. It has the circumference of itself to accomplish its delta. When it moves it deflects the density in direct drive. There is no stopping it. Chemicals in space create delta for the passage of Time. They allow the circumference of that one molecule to simply exist. Even when its totally disseminated the particle goes on in delta transgression. Graphite has conditions. It allows for the passage of induction at alpha states. The Star Craft can increase its out put to 4 over and columbine the delta of space fortitude. Graphite creates density within the molecule itself. The Star Craft WILL TOP OUT AT 281,000 FPM. Graphite ahead of the Craft can produce external force to the density and a complete yield is in force. It can catapult the inductive craft to millions of miles in space. There is no inertia. Columbines can be created with graphite for space travel. Its detail is some what controversial but the molecules behave in a way that space likes and there fore your craft becomes the molecule in space. Its density driven. Chemical disdain is the only way to travel in space in short periods of time very quickly. The Star Craft can encumber millions of miles in a few seconds. Phosphorous is a columbine in space annuls. It can catapult your craft at 2 over in corridors already set in the natural aspect of the Justine adherence. at 19,million 481 nautical miles above the Earth. Mars becomes possible with the use of these chemicals already there and finding the corridor is simply a revelation to Mars. in 12.818 minutes. When we find these vectors they become the avenue to travel inductively. These chemicals do not work with conventional rocket fuels. The Craft must be inductive to charge the particles ahead of the craft circumference. Its not the amount of power man can produce to moving fast in space its more about how we find the corridors with certain chemicals that catapult mankind to areas of space never traveled outside our own solar system. Chemicals in space are in control of TIME. 410088281.2

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