Class 5 Battery

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, August 23, 2019 1:22 AM

The Variance; The calypso is the variance, molecules jump, bump, and clump together. They want to go to ground, just like any other charged particle, but the reflex is the journal, and its usually wrong. When a set of particles are in charge, they decipher the conglomerate and deform. They mass together and defy gravity. They are charged for so long and they disseminate. Carbon is the reflux. Carbon has two states carbon can be differential, or congluant. The Class 5 has both attributes. It will defy gravity and accelerate to speeds in sound variance for space. If you have variance at 128122.1 oxide emission and at 4 over in strength it will produce huge amounts of power. This can be done on Earth or downsized for the crafts in detail. One is grounded to the Earth and the other is vanquished in alta secursions. A battery source is all that is needed for space travel. You must have billions of electrons because you will not find any in space delta. You must bring the variance with you. The calypso is the strength in the variance. The battery on the Class5 is unique, Its 32 inches long 4 inches wide and stands 42 inches in height. Its filled with lithium bicarbonate. It centrifuges its contents to disseminate the molecule but keep the charge. The packing is unusual its delta driven and can change in any direction. The buzz is now a pulse. The vacuum pressure is 2.18 and never changes. There is no pump hooked to the battery to maintain the vacuum pressure it centrifuges with the molecules in-vitro. Lithium Bicarbonate is safer for space travel, rather than cell disdain attributes in conventional battery technology. It buzzes for periods of time, but creates a discharge into the conduits built into the Hull without incident. The clammier attributes is pulse adversary alpha condition. It has a rate of 128122 microseconds. The gulf chase is every 41 minutes. The battery has a shelf life of over 300 years. It has one discharge port, negative only. The pulse parameter is gravity. Gravity is everywhere. The graviton permeates the Hull. it also exerts pressure on the battery. The particle that is associated with gravity is negatively charged, this makes for an environment conducive to induction alpha signals. The alpha chemical signal is premier when the molecules are disseminated. The charge remains alpha for many years. There on occasion will have a sulfur smell. This is an indication that the battery is dying and needs to be changed. Lithium Bicarbonate will disseminate and become granules at the bottom of the battery. The Alpha state is no longer the calypso. The housing is a high density plastic. The requirement is that housing be of ABS and have a bicarbonate refuge built into the housing. It also slips into an aluminum jacket on the far edge of the craft density infraction is 3/8 of inch in thickness. The permeation is expected. Its locked and loaded with electrons.

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