Class 5 Reactionary

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, December 22, 2019 12:26 PM

The Columbine Delta; This is a matrix influence, but has a component that requires expert timing. The columbine Delta is a fission reaction that has the craft turn an about face. The requirement is sulfur, chlorine and a combustible like hydrogen. This maneuver is for tight sequencing, The sulfur is real 2 1/10th variance ionized, and at delta columbine is chlorine sound variance , and the hydrogen is in collapse in the inversion field. This reaction will spin the craft at about face to its parallel. The correction is allowing the hydrogen back into the inversion field. The convent reactions are the delta to the craft and exposing the intellect to the space conglomerate. The sulfur stops the craft and the sound variance of the chemical 'chlorine' will about face the craft and the hydrogen is reintroduced. The reintroduction to hydrogen is to start the craft again in a forward motion. With expert timing this is a Lear that has control of space conglomerate. The sulfur exchange is less than 2 /10ths of a gram. The ionized reaction is water vapor in clandestine circumference. The vacuum chamber glows yellow. Release the sound variance 31.1 seconds. of chlorine, This will turn about any size craft. The hydrogen release is immediate after the sound variance into the inversion field. The sulfur expelled the hydrogen in the inversion field. You must release more hydrogen to move forward on the same plane and quickly. This creates the delta in the opposite direction you were traveling. When in maneuver you must release all contents to the inversion field, there are no other substitutes for this maneuver. The hydrogen is in collapse due to the sulfur disdain. The chlorine attribute is carried in volume distortion to the craft delta. The sound variance for chlorine is 224488281.2 It sounds like a chirp but lingering tail. Do not exceed the 31.1 second hold in variance. It may end up in a 360. The timing is critical in the fission reaction in convent detail. The inversion field is carrying the confines in space delta, and therefore the conglomerate can and will interact with the craft maneuvers. These chemicals are the virulent in space disdain, and convolute the matrix to the Star Craft delta in close examination without special fuel or thrusters or other technology, using the natural expression of the space conglomerate. The algorithm shows the density in direct contact with chemical control of the craft or space body with the same chemical reactions. Space celestial bodies need only spin 4 times to attract the conglomerate attention for a spin aperture involvement. Use the conglomerate and hold in sound variance feed the conglomerate a disdain it wants in volume control in grams and use less in fuel. 41002288781.2

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